Business and Community software suites of a thousand applications, fully customized by Filipinos for the everyday use of 
Filipino Businesses and Communities. Gawa ng Pinoy, Para sa Pinoy!

Enterprise Resource Planning / ERPinoy

A general use business software for the day-to-day use of the small-to-medium Filipino business comprising of the following business applications:

  •  Website and eCommerce

  • Team Collaboration and Group Messaging

  • Customer and Sales Management

  • Invoicing and Payment

  • Procurement and Purchasing

  • Inventory and Warehousing

  • Manufacturing and Materials Management

  • Logistics and Supply Chain

  • Human Resources and Recruitment

  • and a whole lot more

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


Our general use community members management software suite designed specifically for Filipino Community groups.

Built from the modules of our ERPinoy, our general use community members management software suite is the best of its kind with features ported out of the select modules from our ERPinoy plus the fully customized modules below:

  • Members information database management

  • Subscriptions and payments tracking

  • Events and events attendee management

  • Shared group activity calendar

  • Membership surveys and survey management

  • Member's Electronic voting

Pinoy LMS

These are what school admins, teachers and students told us how online learning can be very effective. You cannot be effective with just one, so our system supports them all.

  1. Three delivery models  - system must support Asynchronous, Synchronous and Blended learning delivery models. This is non-negotiable feature.

  2. Everything in one place  - centralize activities, materials, references, and others into one system. There should be no separate interfaces for separate activities.

  3. Intuitive  - it must be easy to use but at the same time extensively customizable to meet each and every requirement that teachers and learners need to do. It must let teachers and learners know what they need to do from a single dashboard.

  4. Virtual classrooms most effective  - although self-paced study should be there, collaborative learning through group activities and centrally administered by the teacher is still the most effective manner, have breakout sessions.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


A product line for the academe covering student data management, learning management and online synchronous classes. 

  1. Pinoy SIMS - the Student Information System (Pinoy SIMS) centralizes all the necessary processes for your education institution in one system.

  2. Pinoy LMS - provides the teaching and learning tool for asynchronous, synchronous and blended modalities.

  3. Pinoy Cyberklass - is our synchronous virtual classroom fully integrated into the PinoyLMS providing feature rich capabilities and seamless transition between the LMS and online class.  

    Catholic Charismatic Portal

    Simple to use community management software for Catholic Charismatic Communities.

    • Members information and database

    • Shared group calendar

    • Couples and Family

    • Apostolates and Ministries

    • Encounters / Enrichments Batches

    • Teaching schedules

    • Prayers and Members requests

    • and more

    Odoo • Text and Image