ERPinoy (Base Plan)

ERPinoy (Base Plan)

2,500.00 Php 2500.0 PHP

2,500.00 Php

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Monthly Subscription
1 Free System Account
10 User Accounts
10GB Storage for App Server

Your own:
- Secure server application & database not shared with anyone
- Website address (
- Email address linked to your discuss module ([email protected])

25 Application Modules - Attendance, Blogs, Calendar, Contact Directory, CRM, Dashboards, Discuss, Employee Directory, Equipment (Maintenance), Expense Tracker, Fleet Management, Forum for public/customers, Invoicing / Payment Tracking, Inventory and Warehousing, Leave Management, Lunch, Online Event, Projects and Tasks, Procurement and Purchasing, Recruitment Process, Repair Management, Sales Management, Slides, Survey / E-voting, Website Builder